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Your Guide to Purchasing Your Dream Engagement Ring

Although the rule of spending three months’ salary on saving up for an engagement ring is long outdated, there are still many things to consider before shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Whether looking for a ring for a fiancé, or searching together as a couple, we have highlighted just a few important tips in how to make sure you are covering all bases when it comes to choosing a special lifetime investment.

Diamonds are 99.95% pure crystallised carbon and can be anything from 1 to 3 billion years old. Diamond mines are found in just a few sites around the world, making the actual sourcing of our diamonds here at Berry’s even more special. The most popular centrepiece within an engagement ring is the classic diamond, however our designs here at Berry’s can be as glamorous or as understated as you or your partner wishes. We offer a huge array of engagement ring designs abundant in beautiful diamonds, large and small – each one cut into a different style and accompanied with other gemstones or smaller diamonds to maximise its beauty. The solitaire diamond engagement ring is also another popular choice. Its subtlety and simplicity makes for a timeless design that will always be well-loved and admired by a special wife-to-be.

Her style:

Think about the words you would use to describe your partner’s style. This will help you to focus on smaller groups of designs. You may wish to start by ruling out what you know that she doesn’t like. This could be a certain type of stone or a particular metal. Remember that an engagement ring needs to sit alongside other pieces of jewellery worn every day, so considering whether she tends to wear yellow gold, white gold or platinum could be a good starting point.


One of the most important things to bear in mind when engagement ring shopping is the budget that you have in mind before setting out. It’s always a good idea to look at designs that start at the lower end of your budget and then work up from there, rather than the other way around.

The four C’s:

The diamond is the most important aspect of an engagement ring. A diamond’s rarity is valued and graded depending on its cut, colour, clarity and carat. This means that two diamonds that look the same won’t always be priced in the same way. It is important to consider all four aspects of a diamond and its characteristics before deciding on your final purchase. Finding the right cut will ensure that the appearance, the brightness and the brilliance of your chosen setting is enhanced to its full potential.

The stone:

An engagement ring doesn’t have to include a diamond. Our beautiful engagement jewellery here at Berry’s can incorporate a birthstone or a gemstone that is special to your partner. Some stones however, are not as durable as a diamond, so this should definitely be a factor to consider before making a final decision. One of the best assets of a sparkling diamond is its hardness, thus standing the test of time when it comes to a lifetime investment to cherish forever.

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