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WOTW: Bremont ENDURANCE Titanium Men’s Limited Edition Watch

Ben Saunders – the polar explorer – the endurance athlete, has covered over 7,000km across the polar regions since 2001. In search of a navigational device to assist him in one of his greatest expeditions to date, he needed a reliable wristwatch. One that would be ultra-resistant and fully equipped to withstand the harshest and most extreme conditions of the Antarctic continent– and there was only one manufacturer he was going to trust…

Synonymous with their tagline: “Tested Beyond Endurance”, Bremont’s Endurance Limited Edition timepiece features a specially crafted exhibition case back as per Ben Saunders’ request. He also expressed his need for a lightweight watch, and so Bremont’s chosen material was titanium. The watch was specifically tailored to suit the needs of one of the world’s most daring explorers, making it a novelty piece that also has a significant meaning behind it and a special story to unfold from within its unique design.

No navigational device has ever served such an important role on the wrist of a daring explorer before. Some of Ben Saunders’ accomplishments include leading The Scott Expedition – the longest human powered polar journey in history, and skiing solo to both the North and South poles. It is however, the former which called for a sophisticated and highly technical timepiece that could help to assist Saunders in retracing Shackleton’s most famous expedition – and he did it solo. It has become one of the greatest stories of human endeavour. Shackleton rescued his entire crew after his ship was crushed in the sea ice. Saunders declared that he would face the same Antarctic conditions head on in a mission to re-follow this journey alongside one companion only – the Bremont Endurance Limited Edition watch.

Ben Saunders’ relationship with the Bremont Watch Company began when he tested out the Terra Nova, when he walked 1,800 miles across the surface of Antarctica to the North Pole and back. Little did he know it would give him an idea of what to look for in his next navigational tool. There are similarities between the athlete and the British watchmaking company. Both share a passion for pushing boundaries – for exceeding their outer limits of mental and physical endurance to achieve something they feel so strongly about. The Bremont brothers have put their heart and soul into creating ground-breaking innovations that have revolutionised the way the British wear their wristwatches. The company soon went global and are now renowned for their highly sought-after instruments, many of which are limited editions, but all of which have been designed with utmost thought and feeling behind them. Despite their rich heritage in creating military-inspired aviation tools, Bremont by no means limit themselves to a certain bracket within the watchmaking industry. The GMT timepiece which was to be worn on Saunders’ outer jacket cuff, would serve as a crucial tool in his defeat.

The Bremont Endurance Limited Edition timepiece, with its lightweight titanium case, beholds the impeccable Modified calibre 11 ¼”’ BE-93-2AE automatic COSC certified chronometer at its centre. The watch’s 500 meter water resistant capabilities allow it to function in rigorous climate conditions. The movement is made up of a Bremont moulded and skeletonized decorated rotor, has been equipped with a 42 hour power reserve and performs at 28.800 vibrations per hour. Design wise, a palpable black metal dial with Super-LumiNova coated hands and applied indexes makes it easy to reference the time from. Bremont have developed a thicker case – an idea that came from a military project – an area of interest in which Bremont naturally have strong links to. The injection of zesty orange highlights applied to the NATO leather strap, enhances a dramatic yet sporty look to the timepiece – a contemporary styling that further amplifies Bremont’s modern approach to watchmaking. To secure one of these exclusive pieces, limited to just 300 worldwide, visit our spec page and order online or through our store today.

You can find out more about the Bremont ENDURANCE Limited Edition Watch here.

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