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The best ways to find out your partner’s ring size

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So, you’ve finally got the courage up to pop the big question. You’ve already scouted the perfect proposal location and checked that her parents are on board, now you just need to choose the ring. She’s helpfully made it known exactly how many diamonds would be acceptable, now you just need to find out her ring size.

Asking is obviously out of the question and, generally speaking, not many women have a handy chart detailing the exact size of each finger. So how do you make sure you’ve got it right? Here are five ways to find out your partner’s ring size.

1. ‘Borrow’ one of her rings and bring it into Berry’s.

This is possibly the easiest option if you have a partner who likes jewellery. Pay attention to which rings she puts on which fingers and then find a convenient time to ‘borrow’ one (ideally the ring she wears on her third finger, even if it’s on the right hand) and bring it into Berry’s where our expert staff can check the size for you.

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2. Involve her friends.

If one of her friends has recently gotten engaged, subtly encourage your partner to try on her ring. Alternatively recruit some of her friends to take her ring shopping at one of our eight Berry’s boutiques for fun. Then she can be professionally sized, and her friends can report back to you on the size (in strict confidence, of course).

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3. Get out the tracing paper.

 If you’re worried your partner will miss one of her rings and spoil your ruse, then borrow one quickly when she’s not looking and draw a circle around the outside and inside. If possible, do this a few times for consistency. Our expert staff will then be able to provide an approximate size based on the tracings, although please note this is less reliable than seeing the actual ring itself.

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4. Wait until she’s asleep.

This will require some stealth on your part and some string (or if you don’t have string handy use the cable from a pair of headphones). Once you’re sure your partner is completely asleep, take your string, or headphones, and carefully wrap it around the finger making a note of where the two ends meet. Measure the length on a ruler and then bring that information into Berry’s. Be warned, this method does not come without the risk of being battered about the head by a startled partner.

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5. Propose with a stock ring.

This option won’t elicit gasps about how beautiful the ring is, but if you know your partner has their heart set on a style of ring that can’t be resized, such as one with a channel-set band or set with a stone such as emerald that doesn’t respond well to heat, then don’t risk it. Buy a plain silver ring to propose with and then you have the added fun of engagement ring shopping together. It won’t be a surprise but at least you know it will be the perfect fit.

Berrys platinum cushion shape ruby diamond cluster ring

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If you try your best but still end up with a ring that doesn’t quite fit perfectly, don’t despair. As we discussed in an earlier article, How To Get Your Precious Ring Resized, just about all rings can be made larger or smaller by our professional jewellers. Please note there are some exceptions, however, so it’s always important to ask first whether a ring can be resized or not before you purchase.

Berry’s is pleased to offer one of the best selections of engagement rings in the UK. Please visit us online or instore to speak with our expert staff and discover your perfect ring.

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