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SEVENFRIDAY M-Series Spaceship

It comes as no surprise that SEVENFRIDAY have entered a deeper universe with this bold and iconic timepiece from the M-Series. The dial has even more depth and mysteriousness than its predecessors before. The “nuts and bolts” look calls out to the most masculine of men, yet the stealthy mechanical movement lying at its centre, is elegantly arranged by a meticulous hand, and finished with minor details to set it leaps and bounds above the rest on a sophisticated level.

If you’re looking for a dramatic timekeeper that communicates robustness and power, you’d have very little to be disappointed about with the SEVENFRIDAY M-Series Spaceship. After remaining quiet for a little while, the company re-emerged, taking their huge fan base by surprise with the launch of this new and irresistible creation.  The Zurich watch manufacturer who have a huge voice on social media, have quite clearly been influenced by intergalactic themes, spacecraft and contemporary aesthetics when it came to creating this new breed of watch. Most importantly though – it looks and feels good on the wrist.


It is, of course the little techy details that make this timepiece so special to collectors far and wide. SEVENFRIDAY have their own way of making each creation feel personal to the wearer as well as unique. Validating the watch is an additional treat for the SEVENFRIDAY enthusiast. The watch comes with the NFC chip like previous models, allowing the wearer to log the serial code of his watch via his smartphone.

The SEVENFRIDAY M-Series Spaceship watch is powered via the Miyota Caliber 8215 which provides a 40 hour power reserve and makes for a pleasing alternative to any pricier Sellita or ETA movement, keeping the watch at a more affordable level for the everyday connoisseur. But we know that a SEVENFRIDAY lover is no ordinary person. It’s someone who loves taking haute horology to the next level. It’s someone who dares to make an impact with a stand-out piece in a very low-key place – just because they can. This mechanical wristwatch does all the above with effortlessness. It’s crafted from steel and gun metal PVD, and the broad 47mm case with polished finish is most certainly made for the wider wrist, yet once dressed on the arm, looks surprisingly more compact and neater than one would think.

Looking at the display of this SEVENFRIDAY M-Series Spaceship watch, it’s easy to see how the company have gained their own distinct look through their cutting edge dial manufacture. A total of SEVENFRIDAY of black, gun metal and grey discs create the main time-reading platform of the wristwatch. The layers are finished in a mixture of polished, grained and sandblasted effects to build up a luxurious tower of texture and dimension. The far left disc presents the hours whilst the inner disc indicates minutes. And as for the seconds? They float in increments of “5” above the identification plate. Six decorative gun metal screws add further mechanical undertones to the watch, whilst the arrangement of overlapping gun metal discs form an aerodynamic “Y-wing” structure, enhanced by the iconic “SEVENFRIDAY” lettering stamped to the surface along with the accompanying “automatic” label, dressed in and emergency red hue. The timepiece is finished on a black calf and silicone leather strap to enhance a sporty, youthful look to the wrist.

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