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OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo XVII Anniversary Edition Men’s Watch

Look at the watch you are wearing right now. Is it 05:34 yet? It is for the Omega Speedmaster Apollo XVII Limited Edition watch. For that special timepiece – time stands still. It may seem like any ordinary time to you and me. That is, before you realise the significance of it for the team of mission Apollo 17 and their mission commander, Eugene Cernan. 05:34 GMT marks the exact moment that Cernan left his last footprint on the moon.

The Omega Speedmaster has been worn on the wrist in all six moon landings – its precision trusted as one of the best in the world. But the last of those missions touched down in 1972, 45 years before Cernan’s passing. Omega have paid tribute to the American Astronaut with a limited edition piece, crafted from 18k yellow gold and a specially engraved caseback.

The Omega Speedmaster Apollo XVII 18k yellow gold limited edition watch is limited to just 272 pieces worldwide. It comes as no surprise that the watch is highly sought-after among dedicated Omega fans as well as those with an interest in spacecraft. Marking the final mission of NASA’s Apollo program, this watch uses the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon watch as a foundation to base this innovation on – a 42mm a-symmetrical case, lyre lugs and external tachymeter scale. A beautiful blue ceramic bezel with a matching blue dial, features 18k yellow gold central hands, shaped into a point at the tip. They join a sweeping seconds hand decorated with a sporty red tip to match the red “05:34 GMT” lettering at the centre of the dial. The bold hour batons which have been placed with utmost precision around the dial, are there to provide effortless time-reading, enhanced of course, by Super LumiNova coating to their surface. Despite the layout of the delicately crafted chronograph dials on the face, this Omega Speedmaster watch is no average timepiece.

Artisans, skilled craftsmen and designers at Omega’s watchmaking headquarters, have used an exclusive electroforming process to create the representation of the God Apollo and the moon, situated at 9 o’clock. The same process is also used on the underside of the watch, where a solid caseback makes for a nice alternative to the familiar sapphire crystal glass exhibition back that so often accompanies a mechanical Omega watch. Instead Omega choose an 18k white gold medallion, featuring 18k yellow gold decoration, mirroring the God Apollo’s face and the moon as seen on the front of the dial. “45th Anniversary” lettering joins the limited edition number on the back also.

It is however, one of Omega’s in-house developed mechanical movements that makes this timepiece such a special timekeeping companion. It keeps precision time for the wearer – a promise that all Omega watches endeavour to keep. If you’re reading this as a fan of Omega watches, you will no doubt, be clued up on their ever-growing collection of unbeatable movements. The iconic calibre 1861 is fitted at the heart of the design – an engine that has been powering Speedmaster models for close to 50 years. The classic brown leather strap is the perfect match for the full 18k yellow gold case. Without a doubt, the Omega Speedmaster Apollo XVII yellow gold limited edition watch is one for a loyal Speedmaster collector. Pronounced in its beauty as well as its purpose as a commemorative piece in the history of NASA’s legacy, it will forever behold a poignant message about marking a special moment in time.

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