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Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie 40mm Silver Dial Automatic Strap Watch

Ever asked yourself what you consider essential in a dress watch? A companion equipped with practical features? A simple, low-key yet sophisticated dial? Montblanc have hit the nail on the head with a style that creates the impression that you’ve made an effort with your outfit, without even needing to try all that hard!

The Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Automatic watch manages to strike the perfect balance between all these values with effortlessness. It’s fashionable. Timeless even – and what’s more, it can be worn with just about every suit, smart jeans and jacket combo, or casual outfit.

The Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie watch is a simple, understated dress watch. It features a date display, making for an overall more useful watch, and the seconds hand shows that the movement is still ticking over and drawing energy from its power reserve – a useful function for any automatic wristwatch! Despite the simplicity of the design, this Montblanc Heritage watch has all the attention to detail that you would be looking for in a luxury wristwatch at this price point. The watch has been designed to feel special upon the wrist, focussing on the essentials of time reading and stripping things back to basics. Why would such a successful watch brand do this, you ask? Because going back to the start with a simple automatic watch is what authentic timekeeping is all about. It allows you as the wearer to connect with the watch and appreciate the finely tuned mechanics of a well-engineered tool.

The Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Automatic watch has been graced with a set of elegantly applied indices and numerals which sit raised-up on the dial. The three dimensional look of the display is not something that you can always take for granted in a watch of this calibre, nevertheless it comes as a welcomed treat for those gents who can easily appreciate such indulgent layers to a watch face. Thus the display casts shadows across a shimmering silvery-white dial, taking the watch from an otherwise flat dial to something with a second plane involved. The silvery lustre of the rhodium coated numerals and matching sword-shaped hands, softens the look of the dial once against the silver backdrop. One would perhaps presume that such a combination of similar silvery shades could make time-reading difficult, but not in the case of the Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Automatic. A blue coated seconds hand does however, add a little flavour to the mix, avoiding what would be an otherwise monochromatic dial. The colour choice also makes for flexible strap pairing. An authentic brown leather strap will look just as fetching on the wrist as the black band that the watch naturally comes fitted with.


Inside the 40mm stainless steel case, lies a meticulously crafted in-house movement – the MB 24-09. With a 42 hour power reserve, 28,800 vibrations per hour and beautiful decoration, you’ll find the sapphire crystal glass exhibition caseback a beautiful finishing touch to the timepiece. The glass lens provides a surrealistic plunge into the depths of Montblanc’s unprecedented craftsmanship – each component having been hand assembled into the perfect position for a flawless performance.


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