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Longines Conquest VHP Watches

Ask yourself what it is that you want in a good quality wristwatch. If “very high precision” is pretty high up on your list, then we can assure you that you’ll probably never need to look any further than the Longines Conquest VHP watch. Longines have even gone as far as putting VHP (very high precision) in the watch’s title – just in case you needed reminding every now and again. Originally, Longines set out to develop a movement with ETA that promised the world’s most accurate smartwatch, but what they ended up achieving was far more than just that alone. But for now – let’s talk about the timepiece from an accuracy point of view, since it would be an injustice not to.

Longines certainly don’t cut corners when it comes to being the best at something, and the Conquest VHP watch can even out-do the likes of the Breitling Superquartz and the Grand Seiko 9F in terms of precision – both of which are accurate to +10 seconds per year. This thermocompensated Conquest promises an accuracy of +5 seconds – a welcoming attribute at such a pleasant price point.

That’s not all the Longines Conquest VHP watch is good at. It has been kitted out with a cutting edge piece of technology that protects the hands from misalignment. The  Gear Position Detection (GPD) system will stop the movement from operating when it senses that the watch has come into high impact with something (not that you’d want to try that out for demonstration purposes). But the movement will then realign the hands to the correct position where they should be, ensuring that the impact didn’t knock the hands out of position.

Another clever gadget that the Longines Conquest VHP has been equipped with, is the smart crown system, which allows you as the operator to turn the  crown slowly to adjust the minutes, or quickly to adjust the hours, with no precision  sacrificed! The seconds hand also resets to zero after amending the minutes.

As with all Longines Conquest watches, special attention has gone into the cabochon crown and the bezel. The rounded shape of the case creates sophistication without even trying, and of course the front of the dial is protected underneath a sheet of anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Reading the time is both effortless and a little addictive, seen as the sleek, precision-cut, hands are razor sharp to the point of almost jumping out of the dial. The emergency red accents intended to highlight the minutes around the periphery, do more than just that. They donate a sporty feel to the timepiece, plus they compliment the luminescent coated central hands and hour markers perfectly.

Whilst a 43mm bezel is quite a reserved size for a men’s timepiece these days, the robust stainless steel bracelet makes up for whatever the watch lacks in broadness. It clasps securely to the wrist with a somewhat bulky triple safety folding clasp and push-piece opening mechanism, yet does well to retain a sense of elegance at the same time.

To round up, the Longines Conquest VHP watch combines it’s thermocompensated, high precision quartz movement with a legible three handed dial and accompanying date feature. Modelled on the original Longines Conquest watch launched in 1984, the true spirit of the VHP is very much present in these new variations, in silver or deep blue dial colours.

More information on the Longines Conquest VHP watch can be found here.

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