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How To Get Your Precious Ring Resized

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Did you pick the perfect ring to surprise your beloved, only to discover that the fit was just slightly off? Perhaps you’ve inherited a cherished family heirloom that is just a little bit too tight on your finger? Maybe you’ve recently lost some weight (good for you) and your rings just don’t wear as comfortably as they used to. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure that Berry’s team of first-class jewellery experts are on hand and ready to help. We won’t always be able to solve the problem, but you can be sure we will try our best. Read on to learn more about the options available to you for resizing your ring.

Making a ring larger

This is actually the easier of the two main options available. In order to increase a ring size, our jewellers can do one of two things. The preferred course of action is adding metal to the band. To do this, the shank is cut and a bridge of metal is added to increase the diameter of the ring.

The other option is stretching the ring using a tool that pulls the shank apart and elongates it. However, this method can result in the metal being thinner and therefore weaker, so we don’t typically recommend it.

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Making a ring smaller

Making a ring smaller, conversely, can be slightly more challenging. This is especially so for eternity rings or rings with any setting on the band, which is why you should only trust ring resizing to an expert.

To reduce a ring size part of the ring’s shank is cut off and then the two ends are soldered together. This sounds straight-forward enough but complications can arise. Gems that are delicate, such as emeralds or pearls, can be damaged if the soldering is not done carefully. If the ring has inlaid stones, those might need to be removed and reset and engravings on the ring might need to be redone.

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Can every ring be resized?

Although our highly-trained jewellers will try and do everything they can to make sure the ring you have fits you perfectly, sometimes rings just can’t be resized.

Those situations include:

  • If the ring needs to be sized up or down by more than two sizes, as this can weaken or damage the ring;
  • Rings with channel-set stones; and
  • Rings made from rose gold or tungsten. The former can crack and the latter is too hard.

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If the ring is too big, you may be able to insert a ring guard – a small bar that clips across the bottom of the ring, however that is only a short-term solution as these bars can damage the ring. You can also use another smaller ring on top to anchor it, but that may not work with all styles.

There is also one other option available to Berry’s customers, which is our bespoke jewellery design service. We are very proud to have two fantastic jewellery designers in our Leeds-based jewellery workshop who can remake your ring in the right size. This way you’ll have your perfect ring, in a perfect size. You can find out more about our bespoke jewellery design services here.

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We are pleased to offer our services for any and all of your ring re-sizing needs. We will do our absolute best to find a solution that suits you, and offer the added peace of mind of knowing that a professionally-trained and highly experienced jeweller will be working on your precious ring. Please visit any one of our eight boutiques today to explore the options available.


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