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Gucci G-Timeless Butterfly Watch

Come on…. Come closer and take a look…

The Gucci G-Timeless Butterfly watch – it’s just arrived in store, draped in luxurious shades of yellow gold and soft white leather, and the most beautiful vision of a butterfly emblazoned onto the surface of the dial…

At last – the Gucci G-Timeless collection needed a new addition. Not merely because any timepiece that came before this was not good enough – far from it! More so that lovers of this iconic collection were bound to be left wanting more – we always are. And believe us when we say we have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this new Basel 2018 timepiece since we first visited the showcase in Switzerland and tried it on for ourselves. Like so many watch collectors, donning this special G-timeless watch to the wrist put us under the Gucci spell. We fell in love and we wanted to learn more. Where does Gucci draw inspiration from? How does each innovation keep us enthralled and wanting more?

Maybe the answer lies in the design ethos of every Gucci watch. Italian beauty crossed with Swiss precision. This recipe to success has been used over and over again with every watch manufactured at the company’s headquarters. The designs appeal to ladies with a love for the finer things in life, but also those who like to stand out from the crowd with a non-conformist taste in luxury designer wear. Gucci have never shied away from telling the story of their rich Italian heritage through their colourful and creative designs. From the very first innovation, right through to the latest Basel releases this year, like this show-stopping Gucci G-Timeless watch – each timepiece represents a milestone reached by the Italian watch manufacturer. That’s not to say that there’s no room for imagination though. Gucci leave some elements of their design to the imagination of their admirers. Interpret this watch whichever way you want. But what cannot be denied is its seductive charm. The manufacturer chooses only the finest in materials and the most elegant of colour palettes to beguile and entrance their audience with stand-out designs that are both memorable and impressionable.

The Gucci G-Timeless watch is a 38mm model which features the number 25 on its dial – one of creative director, Alessandro Michele’s lucky numbers. The butterfly emerges fresh from its chrysalis and spreads its wings in vivid colours of golds, reds and browns behind a pair of yellow gold PVD coated central hands. Aside from this, there remains no other detailing on the dial. The iconic imagery and artistic flair of true Gucci style does all the talking in this instance. The watch is thus quite clever in design. Ladies who like to live in the moment and focus less on the passing of time can appreciate the simplicity of the dial without focusing on the hours and the minutes, or any other complication for that matter. Instead, Gucci encourage the wearer to enjoy the inspiration behind this design – the synonymous Italian flair – the intricate craftsmanship – the impeccable Swiss-made parts that are so carefully disguised behind the golden casing.

Gucci have clearly enjoyed playing about with a mix of different materials and textures in this design. The dial is crafted from soft white leather and the butterfly motif looks almost embroidered onto the surface, with the central axis of the hands positioned in line with the butterfly’s head. As the delicate hands parade the dial with a sense of effortlessness, parts of the butterfly’s antenna peep out from underneath these strands of gold – a delightful feature that can only really be admired in the flesh. The white leather seen in the dial gradually transcends into the strap itself, wrapping around the lady’s wrist and securing with a clasp finished in yellow gold PVD to match that of the case material. It is however, some of the most fetching details of the watch’s design that are found in discreet places, like the cat’s face engraved on the back of the yellow gold PVD coated case, and the “Gucci” lettering engraved onto the buckle of the strap.

Secure an order online for the Gucci G-Timeless Butterfly watch by following this link, or why not contact our store and arrange to pop into one of our boutiques to try it on in the flesh?


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