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Earrings for different occasions

For those of you ladies out there who like to change-up your look every day of the week depending on what’s in the diary, you will be more than familiar with that indecisive feeling of not knowing what jewellery to accompany with it. Choosing the right pair of earrings to compliment an outfit is much harder than deciding on the outfit itself. But knowing exactly how to coordinate a set of earrings with your style could be key to wasting less time in the morning and saving on that last minute rushing around.

Whether your choice is between a pair of white gold diamond drop earrings or a pair of sparkling studs, or whether you were considering hoops but can’t decide whether to wear the ones with diamonds in or not – we have a few tips to guiding you through that all-important decision-making process, as well as advice on which styles to choose for which occasions.

Berry’s 18ct White Gold Half Hoop Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings – £1,195

Let’s start with considering what the occasion is. Is it a formal event? Formal meetings and/or events call for simple and understated. A set of small white gold diamond hoops are perfect for adding a touch of subtle sparkle without needing to be obvious about it. Our Berry’s 18ct white gold diamond cut half hoops (EXDW) are beautifully simple and refined. Each earring features a line of 21 fine round brilliant cut diamonds – each one picked specifically to work well inside this elegant design.

View the Diamond Hoop Earrings here

Berry’s Demi Rubover Princess Diamond Stud Earrings – £3,095

If you are facing a long day at the office, comfort is key – but so is professionalism. How to bridge the gap between the two with only one design of earrings, you say? A pair of white gold diamond studs will do the job! A simple post and butterfly fastening will ensure the earrings stay close to the skin, whilst a touch of sparkle can add opulence to a plain black, grey or pinstripe blouse and suit combo. Our Berry’s 18ct white gold demi rub-over princess cut diamond studs (ERG265) are ideal for creating a contemporary yet disciplined look for work. The square shape of the diamond centrepiece is perfect for letting light transcend through its sharp faceted angles, creating a mesmerizing sparkle, whilst the rub-over set is modern and ultra-stylish.

View the Princess Diamond Studs Earrings here

Berry’s 18ct White Gold Long Diamond Set Hook Earrings with Diamond Drop – £1,695

Going on a date and want to add something a little playful and flirtatious to a seductive black dinner dress? Drop-style earrings with a dazzling centrepiece are great for allowing you to be a little more daring with your jewellery accessorizing. Diamond jewellery is perfect for adding a touch of vibrancy to mono-colour outfits. Our Berry’s 18ct white gold diamond drop earrings have an elegance with a cleverly drilled round brilliant cut diamond hanging from diamond claw set long hook.. Crafted from white gold, the earrings can be matched with other plain white gold jewellery like a stack of bangles, to add a touch more interest to your outfit).

View the Diamond Drop Earrings here

Berry’s 18ct White Gold Sapphire And Diamond Vintage Style Earrings – £1,295

Lastly, always make sure you harmonize your jewellery with the colours of your outfit. Whilst white gold and platinum are generally all-rounders when it comes to matching with any outfit, yellow gold and rose gold have the tendency to clash with certain shades in clothing if not combined properly. Our Berry’s 18ct white gold sapphire and diamond vintage style earrings are of a classic stud design but promise something a little more glamorous and eye-catching when it comes to coordinating them with similar coloured attire. The deep blue gemstone earrings are a great way to keep colours accented throughout a blue satin scoop-neck dress or an elegant black sequin dress, and are perfect for creating those lasting first impressions.

View the Vintage Sapphire Earrings here

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