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Chanel J12 Untitled Watches

Boldness and supremacy has, without a doubt, become the identity of the iconic Chanel J12 watch – but now with a limited edition design, the lady can enjoy wearing a one-off status symbol on the wrist that looks like no other J12 watch of the past.

Limited to just 1,200 pieces worldwide, it’s not hard to see why this limited edition Chanel watch is so special, both in its manufacture and as a milestone for the French fashion house. The model embodies uniqueness and represents Chanel’s ever burning desire to give the world something never seen before. The company are not afraid to try new things, nor are they too timid to reinvent and re-transform some of their most iconic designs like the J12, into something striking and expressive. Both the white and the black versions of the Chanel J12 Untitled watch are unisex designs. Seen as the collection symbolises femininity and masculinity, black and white, day and night – it seems fitting to offer the timepiece to both their male and female audience. The dials showcase matte black or white J12 decoration to their surfaces – a mixture of abstract, geometric lines and contemporary, artistic flair. The detail on the display of both the black and white model is limited to a legible minute track around the outer edge of the dial’s periphery, and three hands which parade the display with stealth and confidence. The minute and hour hands have been carved into slender, elongated batons, with a second hand distinguished by its sleek arrow head tip. Chanel equip the time reading hands with luminescent treatment, allowing the time to be read from the display at any point within the day or night. Of course, the distinct Chanel lettering has well and truly earned its place at the east of the dial – a feature that creates a pleasing off-centre allure, seen as there is nothing on the opposite side of the face to balance it with. It’s not unusual that Chanel have chosen a very simple layout on the dial – it’s what the French watch manufacturer has become so famous for over the decades – simplicity and purity.

As with all Chanel J12 watches, the cases of the J12 Untitled Limited Edition watches have been crafted from the manufacturer’s impressive black or white high-tech ceramic, enhanced by the silvery lustre of stainless steel used for features like the frilled bezel, the central hands and the crown. Ceramic is becoming an increasingly popular material to create luxury wristwatches from. Its anti-corrosive and scratch resistant properties make for reliable investment timepieces that promise to last for years and years to come. Ceramic Chanel watches also offer a nice alternative to stainless steel watches – the latter of which are blended with nickel, thus can become an irritant to some sensitive skins. Instead, these Chanel J12 Untitled Limited Editions manufactured from ceramic, are anti-allergenic for round-the-clock comfort against the skin.

The captivating decor on the dials of both watches is inspired by the number 12. The lacquered dial of the black version features matte black stripes that create a subtler look on the wrist, so if you’re looking for a timepiece that bridges the gap between daytime and night time wear, then the black design is a great choice. The white limited edition Chanel J12 Untitled watch features the same design yet exudes a more eye-catching and abstract beauty. Perfect for formal wear or to take on vacation, the timepiece is crisp and clean for those with a modern style.

The bezel of the Chanel J12 Untitled black and white limited edition watches are crafted from ceramic and span a comfortable 38mm diameter – a size that is suitable for a lady or a gent’s wrist. Both watches are finished on a glossy high-tech ceramic link bracelet in either a white or black effect – they secure with a polished foldable clasp for a comfortable yet secure fit against the skin.

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