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Chanel J12 365 High Tech Black Ceramic

If you’ve found yourself reading the introduction to this blog, you are probably an individual who believes that a lady’s watch should be made with no other than the very finest in materials, maybe a lavish diamond or two, and certainly an iconic name imprinted onto the dial’s surface. We agree with you!

There is nothing better than donning a watch to the wrist that oozes luxury and feels every bit as opulent as a lady deserves she should look when heading out of the door in the morning. That’s where the Chanel J12 365 High Tech Ceramic 37mm watch comes into play. As its name suggests, it’s a timepiece that can be worn every day of the year, no matter what the occasion – no matter what the outfit. We all know that black will compliment any style of attire, but we can’t help but become mesmerized by Chanel’s unique ability to add subtle silver-coloured accents into the design that still contribute to its versatile appeal without going overboard. These shimmering silvery additions interact with a black guilloche dial, whispering very modern suggestions, yet never wandering too far away from Chanel’s classic signature look. Yes, the watch is dressy – but it’s also overflowing with character and that distinct alluring feminine beauty that Chanel always do well to keep alive. If you have had to question whether your current wristwatch cuts it compared to the Chanel J12 365, then it’s probably time to start seriously considering a new investment, and we wouldn’t judge you one bit for looking no further than this beautiful women’s timekeeper!

The Chanel J12 365 High Tech black ceramic watch communicates something different to a lady than most other luxury ladies wristwatches do today. It convinces the lady, no matter how designer status-orientated she may be, to look further than finding a watch that impresses friends and acquaintances, but to dare to go simple and comfortable with a luxury timekeeper that provides her with practical function and technique over anything purely designed on aesthetical values. Luckily, the Chanel J12 365 is both beautiful and functional all rolled together, so one value is never compromised over the other in any instance. The watch which is available in both black and white, is sophisticated and incredibly sleek on the wrist. Having been fitted with an impeccable mechanical movement that provides an impressive power reserve, you as the lady, can enjoy all the great features of a mechanical wristwatch, combined with refined finishes, like it’s robust ceramic casing and seductive steel dial components. The other variations of course, are the diamond dot index and diamond bezel model – premium-finished instruments with all the glamorous trimmings one would expect from Chanel.

Design-wise; the J12 365 High Tech ceramic watch looks like a crossover between 2011’s Chromatic watch and the slightly more complex Chanel Moon phase from 2013. Equipped with a 100 meter water resistance and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass front, the timepiece is a practical companion with  additions like its small seconds counter and date aperture at 6 o’clock, along with a 42 hour power reserve, enhancing its appeal on a technical level all the more.

Without question, the black ceramic bracelet with folding buckle, combines some of Chanel’s finest cutting edge technology with their refined eye for determining what really makes a beautiful ladies wristwatch. The balance is achieved in perfect measures, thus allowing you to wear the watch with casual weekend attire by day, and then combine it with some opulent white gold or platinum diamond jewellery by night.

If the Chanel J12 365 High Tech Black Ceramic Ladies Wristwatch is ticking all the boxes for you, you can read more about it right here.

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