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A Blue Moon: The Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo XVII Anniversary Edition Men’s Watch

Ever imagined what it would be like to be the last human to leave footprints on the moon? You’d have to ask Captain Eugene Cernan, commander of the Apollo XVII, who last visited in 1972 with the rest of his Apollo 17 astronauts. Together, they traversed the largest distance over the moon’s surface using the Lunar Roving vehicle and brought back the most impressive collection of rock and soil samples for investigation. What a ground-breaking achievement….

Sadly though, that day is but a lasting memory, as Cernan passed away around a year ago now, leaving his legacy behind for us all to look back on with the greatest of respect. But the good news for you “space geeks” or “watch nerds” out there – Omega have launched yet another commemorative timepiece that oozes bucketful’s of sophistication and staggering technique. As if the last one didn’t offer enough?!

That’s right… it follows the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “Apollo XVII” 40th Anniversary Limited Edition (how five years have flown, you’re thinking?!). The technological capabilities and sleek, commemorative design of that watch, broke the hearts of many Omega fanatics upon discovering the rare piece was exclusive to just under 2000 pieces worldwide! Saying that, not many waited around, and were simply itching to get their hands on the speciality piece as soon as it was released fresh out of Omega’s manufacturing quarters.

But we move on to the 45th anniversary addition now, and it would be foolish not to mention at least three qualities that the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “Apollo XVII stands out for:

  • Omega’s pioneered Ceragold casing – in this instance – a 42mm robust ceramic bezel with 18ct yellow gold numbers that are silk-like to the touch.
  • The discreet nods to the 1972 Apollo 17 mission itself – like the hour-minute “Moon” hands and special engravings
  • The famous manual-winding chronograph movement that was last worn on the Moon

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “Apollo XVII” watch captures the very essence of Apollo 17’s success. A watch fuelled by the smell of adrenaline. The silent sweeping second hand that toured the dial of the last Omega Speedmaster to grace the wrists of Apollo 17 during their final visit on that iconic day. For over half a century the Omega Speedmaster has witnessed events that the majority of mankind will never even get a glimpse at. Historical milestones that have tested the limits of human courage and physical endurance beyond imagination. The Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo XVII 45th anniversary watch follows in these same “footsteps” shall we say.



It pays tribute to commander Eugene Cernan in two variations; a stainless steel model and a yellow gold model, but it is the former of the two that we will be looking at in detail today. Omega are equally as restrained, even if still just as modest, at keeping the exclusivity of the timepiece tight. Limited again to just 1,972 pieces worldwide, it would make no sense to limit it to any other number that the year it pays tribute to. Blue ceramic is used for the bezel and the dial, with accents crafted from 18ct yellow gold to add an inviting contrast to the display. At 9 o’clock, the God Apollo and the moon is etched in PVD in striking chrome tones. It is however, the ultimate accolade to fit the wristwatch with the same manual winding movement that travelled with the Apollo 17 team in 1972. The Calibre Omega 1861 comes with the familiar rhodium plated finish, and offers an impressive 48 hours of power reserve, as well as chronograph functions that can be accessed via the sleek polished pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock on the bezel.

Now let’s look at the smaller details of the watch – the ones that really matter to us watch connoisseurs. The dial of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo XVII bears the inscription; “05:34 GMT” to its surface – the last recorded moment of Cernan’s footsteps on the moon. Flip the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo XVII over to its rear side, and the words; “45th Anniversary”, “Limited Edition” and “a tribute to Gene Cernan” are all inscribed onto an 18ct yellow gold ring. A central 18ct white gold medallion sits at the centre of this ring, with further yellow gold details that have been added via an electroforming process – wow!

As an official UK dealer of genuine Omega watches, the timepiece is available for purchase at Berry’s, and can be found on the following link, complete with full spec and availability information.

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