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WOTW: Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm Black Dial & NATO Strap Men’s Manual-Wind Watch

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm watch is an essential piece of equipment for you if you consider yourself a sports lover, an active and daring explorer, an avid trekker, a member of the military and of course, a dedicated Hamilton collector. You’re more than likely going to fall into the last category if you’ve clicked on this blog, and that’s certainly not a bad thing – but it’s also nice to know that Hamilton are honing their watches in to suit a certain type of wearer with models from the Khaki Field collection. It’s always been the case – Hamilton Khaki Field watches are the perfect tool for military personnel. Their dials have always been super legible, their straps comfortable and their movements ultra-precise for vital timekeeping. Now the new version of the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical watch comes in the form of a confident 38mm bead blasted stainless steel casing for hiding any scratches acquired over years of wear. It bears inspirational cues taken from the original 1940’s designs from Hamilton’s deep rooted military heritage.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical watch has created the perfect excuse for the company to revisit their roots, touching on the manufacturing methods that have brought them so much success over the years. The tool feels authentic – a quality that will keep Hamilton lovers coming back for more for years and years to come. Despite its traditional-inspired feel, the timepiece is perfect for the modern gent. Equipped with essential tools for general day to day tasks, you’ll go without nothing by opting for this watch as your next investment piece. There’s nothing excessive or overdone about the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical. You can still synchronise your watch just as military personnel did when they named the original timepiece the “hack” watch, by pulling out the crown to facilitate the stop seconds feature. The matt black dial features whit luminescent markers for the hours and indexes positioned inside a perfectly round bezel. A NATO khaki coloured strap with dark brown leather loops really looks the part when dressed upon the wrist.

If you’re a true Hamilton watch lover, you’ll need no persuading from us that this watch is worth your time and your money. The proof is in its immaculate design, with refined finishes that have been crafted by artisan watchmakers at Hamilton’s manufacturing facilities based in Bienne, Switzerland. This watch takes the 2801-2 self-winding movement. Perfect for reliability and ease of use, it performs peerlessly inside its robust casing. Of course, a legible 24 hour track favours an alternative way of checking the time. Its slim casing will sit nicely underneath the cuff of a work’s shirt, hugging the wrist with its low profile. The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical watch also features long second and minute hands which reach out to the edge of the dial. Remaining true to the Khaki Field collection, the hands facilitate easy time reading whilst the iconic triangular indexes look completely at home on this military tool. If you want to check out some more details on the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm watch, you can view the full spec here.

You can find out more about the Hamilton Khaki Field Watch here.

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