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Omega De Ville Tresor Watch Range

It’s actually quite a rare sight to see a high-end watch without oversized dimensions and too many complications packed onto a dial, but Omega put all that out to pasture with their ladies Omega De Ville Tresor watch range. It’s obviously a testament to their confidence as an established watch manufacturer. Their innovative designs, especially from this collection remain simple but just as capable of bringing finesse to the arm in the old fashioned way. The Omega De Ville Tresor model is a refined dress watch and we just had to talk about it since we have received a few variations into store not so long go.


Our collection of Omega De Ville Tresor watches here at Berry’s, feature a few different dial variations depending on what colour tickles your fancy. From deep midnight blue, to black to opaline silver – not forgetting the more opulent mother of pearl version. But our favourite has to be this gorgeous white dial with blues appliques – probably because of how easy it is to read the time from. The designs take inspirational cues from the original Omega Tresor line, which spanned slightly larger dimensions and a svelte gold case. Despite its beauty it probably remained one of the less recognisable models from Omega, seen as it was built for the South American market. But now Omega bring the model back with its symmetrical lugs and a stunning bezel with glistening diamonds that highlight the curvature of the frame with a show-stopping sparkle.

The word Tresor means “treasure” in French and if you were wondering how Omega manage to get such a slim case on a quartz ladies timepiece, then the answer would be their unimposing 4061 quartz movement, which remains pretty discreet inside a narrow stainless steel case. It bears a red Omega logo with rhodium plated parts, along with circular graining. Despite these delicate touches, the tastefully decorated quartz movement remains hidden away under a solid steel caseback with a mirror and laser etched floral motif. Omega created this decorative pattern for their “Time For Her” add campaign. If you love your diamonds then the opposite corners of the bezel, drenched in 38 hand picked sparkling stones will be a winning factor for you, whilst the elongated Roman numerals and hour batons are what define the overall look of the Omega De Ville Tresor watch.

It is however, the even smaller details to the timepiece that make this Omega De Ville watch so incredibly beautiful. Take for example the work and dedication gone into the manufacturing of the crown at 3 o’clock on the 36mm bezel. Although not ostentatious it is still pretty elaborate. The crown of this dedicated dress watch bears a flower motif made by five interlocking Omega motifs, applied in red liquid ceramic. At the centre of the crown is the 39th dazzling diamond nestled into the heart of what will essentially be used to adjust the time, if not just to look beautiful the rest of the time. If you love your dress watches, but want something that will double up as a daytime wristwatch also, it’s safe to say you’re not going to be disappointed with the Omega De Ville Tresor watch. The dimensions make for a familiar and comfortable fit on the wrist, whilst aesthetically the watch encapsulates that all-important vintage Omega charm.

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