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The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift

Finding the perfect gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary is hard. There’s so much to choose from and to consider. What does she like? What does she have already? Is the gift meaningful enough? But what if there was a tried-and-tested formula you could follow to ensure you win wedding anniversary gift-giving every time? Well, we’re here to tell you there is. A comprehensive list made from precious metals and sparkling stones. We’ve condensed it down into a handy guide for your reference, along with some suggested pieces for that special lady in your life. Now all you have to do is read it. And not forget your anniversary, of course!

For easy navigation, we’ve summarised the full list of gemstones for you below:

1st – gold

It’s been a wonderful year and you want to buy her something special that she can wear as a constant reminder of your love. A delicate bangle or barely-there chain necklace are ideal options and are perennially fashionable.

Gucci 18ct yellow gold diamantissima necklace

View this Gucci 18ct Gold Diamantissima Necklace here.

2nd anniversary: garnet

Although thought of as red, garnet also comes in yellow, pink and green, when it is called tsavorite. Traditionally a symbol of physical love, the red iteration looks best when paired with rose gold precious metal. Berry’s jewellery collection offers a gorgeous pair of rhodolite garnet and diamond rose gold stud earrings created to accentuate the true beauty of the stone, with a mesmerising diamond cluster surround to add definition and depth to the design. The earrings are unique to Berry’s Ensemble collection and can be matched with the pendant version, which features the same cushion shaped rhodolite stone and captivating diamond frame.

View these Berry’s 18ct Rose Gold Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Stud Earrings here.


3rd anniversary: pearls

Fragile, beautiful and luminescent, pearls were believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offering protection. Because pearls are delicate, it’s best to choose something like a bracelet or necklace, where there is less chance of them getting knocked about.

View this Mikimoto 18ct White Gold Akoya Pearl & Diamond Embrace Pendant here.

4th anniversary: blue topaz

At one time blue topaz was considered extremely rare. But now, thanks to a permanent treatment called diffusion, where a coating of an element such as beryllium is heated to turn colourless topaz blue, everyone can enjoy this stunning gemstone. Historically associated with love and affection, it looks beautiful paired with any white metal.

View this Berry’s 18ct White Gold Rose Cut Blue Topaz Dress Ring here.

5th anniversary: sapphire

Blue is the colour most widely associated with sapphire and rightfully so. They look stunning. But if you gave blue topaz last year, why not mix things up a little this year and go for an ever-so romantic pink sapphire instead. When it’s set in rose gold, as in this take on the tennis bracelet, it makes for a beautiful way to wear precious stones every day.

Berrys 18ct rose gold pink sapphire bracelet

View this Berry’s 18ct Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Bracelet here.

6th anniversary: amethyst

Revered by ancient civilisations who wore it in crowns and used it in sceptres because it was synonymous with luxury, amethyst varies in shade from delicate lilac to closer to red or blue. It is also thought to have a healing energy, which can clear the mind of negative thoughts.

View these Kiki McDonough Apollo 18ct White Gold Lavender Amethyst and Diamonds Earrings here.

7th anniversary: onyx

Dark, mysterious and thought by Native Americans to be able to free your soul from self-doubt, onyx is at its best in its black guise; though you can get red and even white stones. In its night-dark iteration, it looks beautiful paired with rose gold.

View this Bvlgari Bvlgari Bvlgari 18ct Pink Gold Onyx & Mother of Pearl Diamond Set Pendant here.

8th anniversary: tourmaline

Thought to provide a connection between the human spirit and the Earth, it comes in myriad colours so you’re sure to find something in her favouite shade.

Berrys 18ct white gold pink green tourmaline diamond pendant

View Berry’s 18ct White Gold Pink & Green Tourmaline & Diamond Pendant here.

9th anniversary: lapis lazuli

With its celestial blue colour, lapis lazuli has been prized since civilisations began. The Egyptians inlaid sarcophagi with it and the Islamic Orient thought it protected from the evil eye. Pair with rose gold to enhance its natural beauty.

10th anniversary: diamond jewellery

You may be her husband, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. As such, it’s hard to go wrong here but you can win bonus points if you put a bit of extra effort in. See what holes there are in her jewellery collection, try and determine if she would like an eternity ring to match her wedding band. Or would she prefer a stand-alone piece. And don’t always default to white. Our gorgeous white-and-black diamond pendant adds a touch of drama to any collection.

Berrys 18ct white gold cabochon moonstone with black white diamonds pendant

View this Berry’s 18ct White Gold Cabochon Moonstone With Black & White Diamonds Pendant here.

11th anniversary: turquoise

A talisman of luck, success, ambition and creativity, turquoise is one of the oldest stones in human history. Its natural metal bedfellow is silver but it also looks divine with gold.

View this Bvlgari Divina Diva’s Dream 18ct Pink Gold Turquoise Bracelet here.

12th anniversary: jade

Associated with the Orient, in particular China and Japan, jade’s cool green appearance makes it a very calming stone. It is at its most gorgeous when shaped into a smooth domed cabochon.

13th anniversary: citrine

Given citrine’s stunning colour, it isn’t surprising that ancient civilisations thought they carried the power of the sun. Ranging from pale golden to deep honey, it can be given some added drama with the addition of diamonds.

Berrys 18ct white gold citrine diamond drop earrings

View Berry’s 18ct White Gold Citrine & Diamond Drop Earrings here.

14th anniversary: opal

With its subtle shifting colour and mesmeric sheen, opal looks at its best when it’s the focal point. Combine with gold and diamonds to really let it shine.

15th anniversary: ruby

Some ancient cultures believed rubies grew on trees, like fruit, while Hindus thought that women should only wear light coloured stones, while the dark hues were reserved for men. These days you’d be hard pushed to find a man dripping in rubies, but that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t be. If you feel a large single stone perched on a ring looks a little Elizabeth Taylor, then consider one halo-set with diamonds or even baguette-style, such as our modern take on the line bracelet.

View this Berry’s 18ct White Gold Ruby & Diamond Line Bracelet here.

16th anniversary: peridot

Peridot is one of only two gems, the other being diamond, that is formed in the molten rock of the upper mantle, rather than the Earth’s crust. It’s then brought to the surface by the forces of earthquakes and volcanoes. It is a gorgeous green shade and works well with white metals.


View this Berry’s 18ct White Gold Square Peridot & Diamond Pendant here.


17th anniversary: watches

Watches as an anniversary gift are so meaningful. It is something she can wear every day, providing a constant reminder of your love for each other. Add to that the romantic notion that you’ve given your other half time itself and it’s the perfect anniversary gift.

Chanel J12 38mm black ceramic steel ladies automatic watch

View the CHANEL J12 38mm Black Ceramic & Steel Ladies Automatic Watch here.

18th anniversary: cat’s eye

Natural cat’s eye is a chrysoberyl but you can get the “straight line” effect by cutting stones in a rounded cabochon. You can find it in quartz as well as sapphire or ruby.

19th anniversary: aquamarine

Historically a symbol of fidelity and hope, this stone comes in all the shifting colours of the sea from a clear, pale blue to dark blue or green.


View the Berry’s Platinum Cushion Shape Aquamarine & Diamond Cluster Ring here.

20th anniversary: platinum

This used to be china but thankfully it’s been upgraded to platinum. This wonderfully luminous precious metal can handle anything you throw at it, rather like a 20-year marriage. Diamonds are its natural partner and its durability means you can experiment with settings, such as our flush-set ring scattered with precious stones.

berrys platinum half diamond set dress ring

View Berry’s Platinum Half Diamond Set Dress Ring here.

21st anniversary: iolite

This is a difficult stone to find in contemporary jewellery. Interestingly, iolite lenses were used by Vikings to determine the exact location of the sun so they could navigate across Atlantic Ocean safely to the US and back.

22nd anniversary: spinel

Durable and affordable, spinel is also available in a variety of colours from red and purple through to blue and pink. However, black spinel is the most dramatic and looks incredible with gold and diamonds.

23rd anniversary: imperial topaz

This isn’t topaz with a high opinion of itself but rather a particular colour of the stone that ranges from yellow to a golden colour comparable to cognac.

24th anniversary: tanzanite

Discovered in 1967 and named by jeweller Tiffany after Tanzania, the country in which it was found, tanzanite is a wonderful blue stone with purplish undertones. Its colouring means it works best with white metals. Add diamonds for even more decadence.

Berrys 18ct white gold pear shaped tanzanite diamond cluster pendant

View Berry’s 18ct White Gold Pear Shaped Tanzanite & Diamond Cluster Pendant here.

25th anniversary: silver jubilee

What this doesn’t mean is heading to Pandora and buying her a nice charm bracelet. Nothing wrong with Pandora but it doesn’t really say “thanks for the past quarter of a century”. Focus more on the word “jubilee” and splash out.

If you’re literally buying silver, there’s Georg Jensen silverware for the home; however you could bend the definition a little, take silver to be a colour guide and then you’ve got the more decadent options of white gold or platinum to play with.

30th anniversary: pearl jubilee

Pearls are an elegant and ageless gift, cherished by the original recipient and perfect for passing down the generations to create a precious family heirloom. Choose a classic design, perhaps a necklace or earrings that she can wear for those occasions when she wants to get dressed up. Such as her surprise 30th wedding anniversary party.

View Mikimoto Cultured Pearl Single Strand, Bracelet & Stud Earrings Boxed Set here.

35th anniversary: emerald

One of the big four, emerald is a classic gemstone. Called the “stone of successful love” it symbolises unconditional love. However, it is a fragile stone so think special occasion pieces rather than something for every day.

Berrys 18ct white gold diamond pear shaped emerald cluster drop earrings

View Berry’s 18ct White Gold Diamond & Pear Shaped Emerald Cluster Drop Earrings here.

40th anniversary: ruby

No, that’s not a typo. Rubies are so stunning they appear twice on this list. Now is the perfect opportunity to buy her something to complement the piece you bought for your 15th wedding anniversary.

Berrys 18ct white gold baguette diamond ruby bracelet

View this Berry’s 18ct White Gold Baguette Diamond & Ruby Bracelet here.

45th anniversary: sapphire

If you forgot your fifth wedding anniversary, or didn’t remember it was sapphire, then now is the chance to make amends with a spectacular three stone ring from Berry’s. Our Platinum GIA Certified Cushion Shape Sapphire & Diamond Three Stone Ring features an exceptionally rare Sri Lanken sapphire stone, untreated by heat. The result creates an incredibly beautiful luminous colour and a breathtaking sparkle that is hard to match in any other gemstone from our collections.

View this Berry’s Platinum Cushion Shape Sapphire & Diamond Three Stone Ring here.


50th anniversary: golden jubilee

Hopefully your first anniversary wasn’t the last time you bought your partner gold jewellery. This time around however the occasion calls for something big. Think 18ct rather than nine and something more substantial rather than delicate.

A great way of ticking off all the golds is this Bvlgari BZero ring, which is made from the white, pink and yellow versions of the precious metal.

Bvlgari b zero1 18ct white pink yellow gold four band ring

View this Bvlgari B.Zero1 18ct White, Pink & Yellow Gold Four Band Ring here.

55th anniversary: alexandrite

Named after Russia’s Prince Alexander II, because the stone was discovered on this birthday in 1830, alexandrite is extremely rare and prized because of its ability to change colour giving it the description of “emerald by day, ruby by night”.

60th anniversary: diamond jubilee

If the last time you bought her diamonds was 50 years ago (heaven forbid), then now is your chance to really splash out. Focus on quality over quantity and choose something that shows how well you really know her.

Berrys 18ct white gold diamond snowflake design bracelet

View Berry’s 18ct White Gold Diamond Snowflake Design Bracelet here.



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