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Berry’s Wedding Ring Guide

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The proposal has happened, your nearest and dearest have got the date in the diary and now it’s time to start the fun of planning the wedding. In amongst deciding on flowers, booking your dream venue and sampling way too much wedding cake, don’t forget to set some time aside to go wedding ring shopping.

Things have moved on since your grandparents popped down the road to the local jeweller to buy matching gold bands. There’s metals to decide on, courts to debate and the big decision of whether to go matching or complementary. Before you do anything, however, fix yourself a cup of tea, or better still a glass of champagne, and have a read through the Berry’s Wedding Ring guide.

Before you come in store

Make sure you’ve put the rings in the budget. It’s easy to forget when you’re getting excited about bridesmaids’ dresses and who’s going to DJ but it will help you decide how much you want to spend on your rings, which may affect things such as metal choice and karat weight.

Berrys platinum twist design channel set diamond wedding ring

View Berry’s Platinum Twist Design Channel Set Diamond Wedding Ring here.


Size matters. For brides you ideally want your wedding ring and engagement ring to work together. You don’t want something that fits strangely or feels uncomfortable. For grooms, this might be the first time they have ever worn jewellery so buying something that is quite large could feel a bit alien. Make sure you try a variety of sizes to find something that suits your hand and complements your lifestyle – if you’re really active or have a profession where you’re using your hands a lot then a big chunky ring could be a bit of a liability.

Start early. You should be thinking about ring shopping around six months before the big day. This will allow you time to have any alterations or personalisation done and will also mean you can explore bespoke options if you so choose.

Berrys 18ct yellow white gold 6mm polished satin finish wedding ring

View Berry’s 18ct Yellow & White Gold 6mm Polished & Satin Finish Wedding Ring here.


Make the decision as a couple. You don’t have to buy exactly the same ring but you will at least want them to be complementary; something that is hard to achieve if the other half is at home watching the rugby.

Show your metal

Wedding bands now come in everything from platinum to tungsten, which has made the decision-making process a little more complex but it does mean you can get the right material for your budget and your way of life. Here’s some of the more precious options:

White gold: this alluringly shimmery metal is an alloy created by mixing yellow gold with another metal such as silver, palladium or zinc, while the shine is courtesy of a rhodium coating. It can turn yellow over time but a quick visit to Berry’s for a clean and repaint will return it to its former glory in no time.

View Berry’s White Gold Wedding Rings here.

Yellow gold: this 75% pure metal is by far the most traditional option and for good reason. It complements both men and women, can be used in both classic and more modern designs and works well in combination with other metals.

View Berry’s Yellow Gold Wedding Rings here.

Rose gold: this most feminine of metals is having a moment thanks to its ability to flatter even the most pale of skin tones. It is an alloy, with the gold being mixed with copper to create that desirable blush effect. Probably more one for the brides than the grooms though.

Berrys 18ct rose gold channel set diamond wedding ring

View Berry’s 18ct Rose Gold Channel Set Diamond Wedding Ring here.


Platinum: strong, durable and pure, platinum is chosen as much for its longevity as for what it symbolises about the promises made during the marriage ceremony. It looks great on both men and women and it’s also especially good for men who are unsure about gold jewellery. It is the most expensive option but well worth it and it looks even more stunning when paired with diamonds.

Berrys platinum double row diamond channel set wedding ring

View Berry’s Platinum Double Row Diamond Channel Set Wedding Ring here.


Palladium: rising gold and platinum prices have given this metal a popularity boost. It is nearly as pure as platinum – 95% – but lighter to wear than either that or gold. It is also hypoallergenic making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. And when brushed or hammered, it takes on a more masculine look which is ideal for jewellery-phobic grooms.

Berrys palladium 950 6mm polished brushed finish wedding ring

View Berry’s Palladium 950 6mm Polished & Brushed Finish Wedding Ring here.

Courting approval

You’ve picked your metal, now you need to decide how it fits, which is where knowing your different shapes comes in. While there are some more obscure options, generally speaking wedding rings come in three different shapes:

Court shaped: slightly rounded on the outside and inside, making for a very comfortable fit.

View Berry’s 3mm Slight Court Shape Medium Wedding Ring here.

(Available in yellow gold, white gold and platinum.)


D-shaped: curved on the outside but flat on the inside. The name refers to the d-shaped cross section you would see if the ring was cut in half.

Shaped: these are band that are shaped to fit the curves of your engagement ring so the two resemble one combined ring.

View Berry’s 2.3mm Curved Shaped Wedding Ring here.

(Available in yellow gold and platinum)


There are also a few variations of courts. Flat is flat on the outside and rounded on the inside, while slight court is nearly flat on the outside but rounded inside for comfort. You can also get a flat court with a flat edge that sits very close to the skin.

Set with stone(s)

Another important consideration, and not just for the ladies, is whether you want a plain band or one set with precious stones. The addition of diamonds can transform even the simplest of wedding bands into an eye-catching piece of jewellery in its own right, and further strengthens the connection with your engagement ring.

Diamonds in wedding rings are usually brilliant-cut (round) or princess-cut (square) but if you choose to go with a bespoke design, the only real limit is your imagination.

Berrys platinum round brilliant diamond set wedding ring

View Berry’s Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond Set Wedding Ring here.

When choosing what type of shape make sure you try on plenty of options to get a feel for how it works on your hand as well as in tandem with your engagement ring. We are pleased to offer a wide range of wedding ring options here at Berry’s, and our friendly and professional staff are dedicated to helping you find rings that you both love. After all you’re going to be wearing them every day, so we want to do our best to make sure they’re perfect.

View Berry’s full online selection of wedding rings here.


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