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FAQ’s about Engagement Rings

When searching for the perfect engagement ring it can often bring up many questions that you hadn’t thought of before. Our list of frequently asked questions about all your engagement ring shopping queries, along with a break-down of different options in style, shape and finish, should assist you with the basics before starting out in your journey to finding your dream engagement ring.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring ?

The traditional rule of spending two or three months salary on an engagement ring is not an unbreakable rule. The budget that you can stretch to is something that only you can decide. It’s always a good idea to have a budget in mind before setting out in your search for an engagement ring. Look at rings that are towards the lower half of your budget and work up from there.

What are the four C’s to consider in diamond engagement ring shopping?

The 4C’s relating to choosing the perfect stone for your engagement ring relate to: cut, colour, clarity and carat. Whilst the cut will determine the maximum brilliance, fire and sparkle of a diamond, the colour is graded on how clear the diamond is. A desirable clear colour is graded at D whilst the more yellow diamonds are graded towards a Z. Clarity refers to the absence of blemishes and imperfections. The less blemishes visible in the diamond, the more desirable the stone. The carat of a diamond refers to the weight of the stone, however no two diamonds with the same carat weight will necessarily be the same price, as the value of a diamond will depend on all these characteristics combined as a whole.

What different diamond shapes can I choose from ?

At Berry’s we offer a huge array of different shaped diamonds to enhance your chosen engagement ring design. Whilst emerald-cut diamond is a traditional style, the round cut diamond is classic and the most popular. Pear cut diamond engagement rings look good when accented with other stones, whereas oval cut diamonds look stunning on slender fingers. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings offer something a little more unique-looking, especially when combined with a delicate diamond pave surround.

Should my engagement ring match my chosen wedding band ?

If purchasing a wedding set, you are sure to know that both rings will compliment one another perfectly, but if you are looking to choose a wedding band and an engagement ring that are of different designs, then the only preference you may be looking for is of matching metal finishes to create a more uniform look.

Do I need to have an engagement ring in order to propose ?

Traditions are traditions for a reason, but there is nothing to suggest that these are rules that must be adhered to. Many gentlemen wish to ask for the lady’s hand in marriage first and then enjoy shopping for the perfect ring together as a shared experience.

How do I know if she will like the ring I choose ?

If you don’t want to make too many hints around your future fiancé, the best thing to do is firstly consider what metal finish she tends to prefer in her jewellery. Also, whether she likes the more lavish, detailed and sparkling designs, or whether she prefers to go minimal and understated. Speaking to her friends and family will give you a better idea of what styles to go for as a starting point to finding her dream engagement ring.

How can I learn more about diamonds before choosing an engagement ring style ?

Here at Berry’s, we are always happy to talk about our stunning diamond designs and why our stones are so unique. Our knowledgeable team of staff can talk you through the basic diamond shapes, the designs that look best for an engagement ring, and guide you through our collection of exclusive diamond engagement rings to see them in the flesh before making a final decision.

Why should I choose an engagement ring from Berry’s ?

Attention to detail, uniqueness and quality are what we pride ourselves on here at Berry’s. Having been specialising in fine jewellery design since 1897, we put our passion and our drive for innovation at the very forefront of our manufacture. Our bespoke jewellery design service will allow you to bring your vision of a dream engagement ring to life. Choose a preferred style, a setting and your favourite diamond or gemstone centrepiece, and create your very own unique engagement ring. All our ethically sourced fine diamonds are graded in terms of their carat weight and colour, and our precious metal settings offer that extra flexibility when it comes to finding an engagement ring that will compliment other pieces of jewellery worn on the hand every day.



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